“Picasso and the Avant-Garde in Paris”

In another attempt to increase my cultural IQ a wee bit, Helen & I saw the Pablo Picasso exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art today.  Although, to be quite honest with you, Picasso is not one of my favorite artists, but he is a 20th century legend, so I definitely wanted to check it out.  Mixed in with the Picasso pieces were other works done by some of Picasso’s contemporaries like Georges Braque and Juan Gris.  Some of the works on display were cubism and synthetic cubism (no I didn’t know much about these types of art, I use wikipedia frequently).  To my pleasant surprise, the exhibit also had on display a painting by Salvador Dalí displaying a bit of surrealism. (I like Dali….he worked with Alfred Hitchcock!!!  We saw the Dalí show at the MOMA in 2008)  Helen & I enjoyed the Picasso exhibit, as usual no photography of the special exhibits, but we took a few outside of the exhibit inside the museum.  Helen wanted to see the Japanese Tea Houses in the Asian Art section, it reminded her of the two years she lived in Japan.  It reminded me of all the years I grew up and watched Ultra Man on Channel 17.  After the Art Museum, we went to the Reading Terminal Market for lunch.  I waited in line for 25 minutes for a cheesesteak, and Helen waited 15 minutes in line for Japanese food, I guess she was inspired by the Tea Houses.  All in all, I was fairly impressed, with the exhibit and with my efforts to broaden the artistic part of my brain.  Helen & I are hoping to visit the Met in New York later in the spring and possibly the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in June when we go see the Phillies in Fenway.  Of course, that’s if we can budget the time to stop by…..baseball first, art museum second!  The Picasso exhibit is at the Philadelphia Museum of Art until May 2nd so there is still time to catch it before he says “Adiós” to Philly.  All of the day’s photos can viewed at our Flickr page here.  Now I’m off to study the difference between Classicism and Surrealism!!!

Helen and I getting "pumped-up" for Picasso!!!

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