“Happy Thanksgiving”

November 21, 2012

     Well, Hello All, I would like to “re-hydrate” this dormant blog to sincerely wish you all a very sincere “Happy Thanksgiving” and spend quality time with family and friends and enjoy this wonderful holiday for its original intention.  I realize we are all excited about gearing up for Christmas, and the excitement of buying gifts for loved ones and friends, however, it is sad to see all the hype and commercialism that has bumped our beloved Thanksgiving Day to the back burner because of all the “Black Friday” sales and all the stores that are open, now on Thanksgiving Day as well!!!!  There will be plenty of shopping time before Christmas Day!!!  I hope that one day we will again unite together and truly celebrate and enjoy Thanksgiving as the beautiful holiday it is, and truly “give thanks” for all that we are blessed with, and not for all the great sales that are out there.  So, with all that off my chest, again Helen and I wish you all a wonderful “Happy Thanksgiving”!!!!!

“Happy Thanksgiving” From The Holmes Family!!!!!