“Migraine Awareness Month”

Migraine Awareness Month

June is ‘Migraine Awareness Month’ and many of us do not realize all that is involved with a Chronic Migraine Sufferer, myself included, until I had the opportunity to discuss this with our dear friend Dana Tilton Smith.  Most of us just think of it as a bad headache, but it is much more than that.  Dana was kind enough to chat with us on ‘Radio Once More’ last year in June to help educate others about this debilitating disease.

Below you can listen to the discussion Dana and I had last year on ‘Radio Once More’.  A big thanks again to Dana for opening up and sharing this with us and more importantly educating us about what chronic migraine sufferers have to deal with on a daily basis.

Here are a few web sites that Dana recommends that are great sources of information with the hopes of educating and spreading awareness.


American Migraine Foundation.org

Migraine Research Foundation.org

Holmsey & Dana - Copy

Dana with Holmsey at an ‘Old Time Radio’ event at the ‘Daily Grind’ in downtown Mount Holly, April 2013

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