“The Lottery”

The LotteryJune 27th is a memorable date for those of you that are familiar with the famous Shirley Jackson short story, “The Lottery”. It is an astonishing and eerie piece of literature with one of the most shocking endings. There is an excellent radio adaptation that was featured on the radio series, “NBC Presents Short Story” and originally aired on March 14th, 1951.

Helen and I featured this episode at our ‘An Evening of Old Time Radio’ presentation at the ‘Daily Grind’ back in April 2014, and we also played it on the internet radio station ‘Radio Once More’ as part of our ‘Recapitulation Presentation’. The shocked looks I saw at the ‘Daily Grind’ reinforced the power of radio drama…even over 60 years later!!!!! Here is the link to the text of the short story, “The Lottery”.

Below is the ‘NBC Presents: Short Story’ adaptation of “The Lottery” complete with the introduction and closing that was presented last year on the internet radio station, “Radio Once More”. This recording of ‘The Lottery’ is the actual recording that I recorded from 1210 WCAU back in the early 1980’s when I first heard this wonderful example of ‘Old Time Radio’ on the WCAU program, “Radio Family Classics”. Enjoy!!!!

Blog - The Lottery

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