‘Mel Simons on Radio Once More’


Recently, I had the pleasure to chat on ‘Radio Once More’ with author, entertainer, emcee, host, friend and all-around great guy, Mel Simons. Mel and I had a wonderful chat about trivia and his wonderful trivia books, and also his years being an emcee up in the Catskills.  We also discussed his famous “Audio Clip Trivia Quiz” that he has brought to WBZ Radio in Boston as a special guest for more than 35 years!!!

We also had a fun segment where we “Turned the Tables on Mel”. During this segment, we played Television Theme Songs for Mel and he attempted to guess the name of the television show. Below is the complete segment that was aired on July 15th 2015 as part of our “Woo-Hoo Wednesday” Live Show on the internet radio station, “Radio Once More”.

Mel’s books are all published by Bear Manor Media, and his web site is www.MelSimons.net. You can also follow Mel’s activities on Mel’s Facebook page.

A big thanks again to Mel Simons for taking the time to chat with us on ‘Radio Once More’!!!!! Enjoy the Mel Simons discussion!!!!

Holmsey with the wonderful Mel Simons

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