‘State Capital Traveler and Author Jim Stembridge on Radio Once More’

50 State Capitols-02

Recently, I had the pleasure to chat with State Capital traveler, and author, Jim Stembridge on our ‘Woo-Hoo Wednesday’ Radio Show ‘At Home with Holmsey’ on the internet radio station, “Radio Once More”. We discussed Jim’s travel adventures and experiences as he toured and documented all 50 US state capitals.

Jim’s state capital travels are chronicled in his book, “Fifty State Capitols: The Architecture of Representative Government”.  The book is loaded with facts, history, and trivia about all 50 state capitals. Jim’s outstanding photography shines throughout this book with a 2 page spread on each capital. Jim also has an introduction, a comparison section, and he even included a glossary so that we can gain a better understanding of our wonderful state capitals as we read Jim’s accounts and view his magnificent photos.

Jim’s book and more information can be obtained at Jim’s web site:


Below is the complete, discussion that I had with Jim about his travels and his wonderful book.  A big thanks again to Jim Stembridge for taking the time to chat with us!!!!! Enjoy the State Capital discussion!!!!

Fifty State Capitols - J. Stembridge(Salt Lake City Utah)

Jim Stembridge with his traveling companion, “Ruthless” in front of the Utah State Capitol Building in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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