‘Rider College Memories’ on ‘Radio Once More’

Rider College Sign

On September 9th on our “Woo-Hoo Wednesday” show on ‘Radio Once More’, Helen and I were discussing “Back to School” related stories. During the show I told the story about my years at Rider College during the 1980’s and some of the great guys I lived with in the Conover “A” dormitory at Rider. Included in the story, I discussed my Thursday night ritual of performing the ‘Curly Shuffle’ and of course, the famous ‘Pat’s Cheesesteak Story’.

Curly Shuffle 45 Record

Every Thursday Night, “Holmsey” would dance to the “Curly Shuffle” at the Rider College Pub. Here is a photo of the 45 Record of that classic song.

Pat's Steaks-Food

       Tasty Pat’s Cheesesteaks

Below is the complete story as told on ‘Radio Once More’ about some of the best guys I had the honor and privilege to live with, and some of our crazy, college antics at ‘Rider College’, back in the 1980’s.

Johnny - Haystacks Photo

Holmsey…aka “The Big Man”, back during our Rider College days. This photo was in our yearbook!!!!!……..Yikes!!!!!!

Rider 20 Year Reunion (2007)

Holmsey and the Conover “A” Rider College gang at a 20 year reunion in 2007.

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