‘Radio Memories’ on ‘Radio Once More’

Radio Memories on ROM

Recently, I had the pleasure to chat with several members of the ‘Radio Once More’ Live Show team, where we asked how everyone was introduced to the ‘Golden Age of Radio’. We received a wide variety of responses and we also learned a bit about everyone’s favorite ‘Old Time Radio’ shows to listen to back when they first started listening to ‘Old Time Radio’, and their favorite shows to listen to now. A big thanks to Chris Holm, Rodney Bowcock, Steven Cone, Gary Lowe, Ken Stockinger, and the ‘Radio Once More’ Big Boss…Neal Ellis for participating in this fun and enlightening discussion. Below is our complete discussion:

Also during our ‘Radio Memories’ Show, I shared my story on how I was first introduced to ‘The Golden Age of Radio’ and I also discussed my appearance on the ‘Open Phone America’ segment of the ‘Larry King Radio Show’ back in the early 1980’s.  Below is the story, complete with my appearance on the ‘Larry King Radio Show’ and some other audio goodies.  I hope you enjoy the story, and as Larry would say back in the 1980’s…..We bid you a Fond Adieu!!!!!

Larry King (1980's)

A publicity photo of Larry King back in the early 1980’s when he hosted the overnight talk show “The Larry King Show” every Monday-Friday on the Mutual Broadcasting System.

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