Celebrating ‘Cartoon Memories’ on ‘Radio Once More’

November 18, 2016


Helen and I had some Looney Tooney fun recently on our ‘Woo-Hoo Wednesday’ Radio Show ‘At Home with Holmsey’ on the internet radio station, “Radio Once More”.  We presented a fun evening of ‘Cartoon Memories’ where we opened up our cartoon theme library and played some medleys from various cartoon studios and we even played some great cartoon theme requests from our listeners including, Tom and Jerry, Popeye, Casper the Friendly Ghost, The Alvin Show, Mighty Mouse, Milton the Monster, The Mighty Hercules, and a few more.

We also played some, (as I call them), Radio Friendly Cartoons, including one from ‘The Flintstones‘, a group featuring some of our favorite Warner Brothers characters such as Sylvester & Tweetie, Porky Pig, Yosemite Sam, and of course the rascally rabbit….Bugs Bunny.

Our last Radio Friendly Cartoon offering was a fun and exciting adventure featuring one of my Hanna-Barbera favorites ……………..Jonny Quest.

I’ve posted some of the fun Toons and Themes we featured during our ‘Cartoon Memories’ celebration during our ‘Woo-Hoo Wednesday’ show on “Radio Once More”.  Enjoy!!!!!



Here is the Flinstones and the ‘Three Little Pigosaurs’



A medley of themes from ‘Hanna-Barbera’



A medley of themes from ‘Total Television Productions’



A medley of themes from ‘Jay Ward Productions’



Here is an entertaining set of ‘Radio Friendly’ cartoons featuring some of our favorite Warner Brothers characters.



A medley of themes from ‘Filmation Associates’



An exciting adventure featuring Jonny Quest in “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”



A medley of Japanese Cartoon themes