Tribute to “B-Mom” on ‘Radio Once More’

November 25, 2018


As many of you know, we lost my beloved Mother, Beverly Holmes, or as she is known to everyone…B-Mom, last month.  She passed peacefully at her home of over 50 years with friends and family at her side.


One of my favorite photos of B-Mom

The Holmes Family is grateful and thankful for all the wonderful cards, well wishes, messages, and phone calls after B-Mom’s passing.  We are also very thankful and appreciative for the many donations to the ‘Aleshire, Holmes and Wurst Memorial Scholarship Fund’ in the name of B-Mom.

On November 15th, we paid a tribute to B-Mom on our “Woo-Hoo Wednesday” radio show on the internet radio station, “Radio Once More“.  During the tribute, we played two sketches we aired a few years ago where B-Mom played the endearing character she created, “Butterfingers Bernadette”.  We also played some Old Time Radio that she enjoyed including “Fibber McGee and Molly” and “The Aldrich Family” and some of her favorite songs including selections from Andy Williams and The Gipsy Kings.


B-Mom as a toddler growing up in Philadelphia


B-Mom as a youngster

It was an honor and a pleasure to honor B-Mom during this special installment of “Woo-Hoo Wednesday” and please know that although she may be gone, B-Mom will continue to be part of “Radio Once More” every week with her wonderful jokes during our Live “Woo-Hoo Wednesday” shows and on our “Holmsey Hall of Fame” productions.

005 Holmes Family - Jack & Joan's House-02

One of my favorite childhood photos.  This was taken on Thanksgiving Day 1965 at the home of my Aunt Joan and Uncle Jack.  Mom and Dad, along with oldest brother Ken, Johnny, and brother Les.  I always loved that eagle print hanging on the wall.


004 B-Mom & Johnny - Childhood

Another one of my favorite photos.  Mom is in the background, encouraging me to sprint across the living room floor (with my cool sweater on) while my Dad takes the picture with his trusty Polaroid camera. Dig that cool 1960’s furniture!!! The photo doesn’t show the major collision that occurred a split second after poor Dad took the photo when I ran into him head first!!!  Dad is also in the photo as well, his army portrait is on the stereo (yes, that’s a stereo) on the right.

Below is the audio archive of this tribute for you to enjoy.  And as always, a big thanks to B-Mom for sharing your wonderful personality with all the listeners on “Radio Once More”.  We Love You B-Mom….You’re Always in Our Hearts!!!!!  And as we said for many years during the closing of all of our “Woo-Hoo Wednesday” shows……”Good Night B-Mom, and don’t forget to turn off the lights”.


The Holmes family, Johnny, Ken, Les, with B-Mom’s granddaughters Katie & Kami.  By the way, in addition to B-Mom, Dad made this photo as well, his Army portrait is on the top left.


B-Mom with her three sons, Ken, Les, & Johnny


B-Mom’s Birthday cake with her toddler photo on it for when she turned 70.


B-Mom acting silly celebrating Mother’s Day

B-Mom & Johnny-05

B-Mom and Johnny Boy acting silly!!!


A nice photo with Johnny Boy and B-Mom


A great photo with all the Holmes women. Behind B-Mom is Helen Holmes (daughter-in-law), Katie (granddaughter), holding great granddaughter Raigan, Kami (granddaughter), and Kelly Holmes (daughter-in-law)


B-Mom with Johnny and Helen, and yes, Dad is in this photo as well.  Big thanks to Jim McCuaig for this photo