Once Again….The One, the Only…..Groucho!!!!

March 13, 2019
Original Groucho

Helen and Johnny Boy with Frank Ferrante as Groucho Marx

Last month Helen and I went to Philadelphia, the “City of Brotherly Love”, to celebrate Helen’s Birthday.  We had an amazing Birthday dinner at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse.  We also visited the famous Reading Terminal Market.  And we toured the bizarre, but interesting, “Mutter Museum” which is affiliated with the “The College of Physicians of Philadelphia“.  But there is no doubt that the highlight of our extended weekend in Philly was to again see our dear friend Frank Ferrante in two shows at the historic “Walnut Street Theatre”.

The first show was a fantastic comedic romp entitled “A Comedy of Tenors“.  Frank Ferrante starred in a dual role and directed this hilarious madcap comedy.  Lots of physical comedy, sight gags, and clever dialogue as well.  I was laughing non-stop and the entire cast was tremendous and Frank was exceptional in both roles and directing this great show.  Helen and I loved the show immensely!!!!


And on his day off, Monday, Frank again played the role that he is known for and has played for the past 35 years, the one….the only….Groucho Marx!!!!  Frank Ferrante again presented his amazing one-man-show “An Evening with Groucho” to a sold out crowd at the “Walnut Street Theater”.  During this delightful one-man-show, Frank tells the story of Groucho and the Marx Brothers from their beginnings and to the end when Groucho was elderly and still made public appearances.  Frank, (as Groucho) sings and dances to many of the famous songs featured in various Marx Brothers films and in Groucho fashion interacts with the audience and even the staff of the “Walnut Street Theater”.  This is a show that has been all over the planet, so whenever Frank is in your neck of the woods, I highly recommend you seeing this show and experience comedy as we did numerous decades ago.

Groucho Flyer

After the show, Frank usually makes himself available for autographs, and photos and to say hello to the fans.  Helen and I have seen this show approximately seven times and we never get tired of it.  Franks always takes the time to thank everyone for supporting the show and for coming out to see him.  All I can say is the pleasure is all ours Frank!!!!  Thank you for keeping the memory alive of the Marx Brothers and probably the quickest wit of all time….The one and only…..Groucho Marx.

Frank Ferrante as Groucho

An autographed photo of Frank Ferrante as Groucho Marx

I was again so moved by this wonderful show, when we got home, I decided to present another installment of “Woo-Hoo Extra” on “Radio Once More” and pay tribute to Groucho Marx.  During the show we mentioned Frank’s one man show and we played a few of the wonderful numbers that Groucho sings in some of the famous Marx Brothers films.  We also played an abbreviated version of an episode of the famous quiz show that Groucho hosts, “You Bet Your Life”.  And as an added bonus, we played the audio of the Mystery Guest segment of an episode of “What’s My Line?” featuring Groucho as the mystery guest.  This segment is arguably one of the funniest mystery guest segments ever.  It is incredibly hysterical and is just as funny with the audio only.  Below is the entire “Woo-Hoo Extra” show as it aired on February 27th:

Thanks for stopping by the “Holmsey Blog” and being part of this Groucho Marx tribute……….’and tell them Groucho sent you’!!!!!!!


Helen and Johnny wearing our Groucho Marx T-Shirts

“Woo-Hoo Extra”

March 3, 2019

Woo-Hoo Extra

Since I am now officially retired after 30 years of service with the New Jersey Division of Taxation, (my official last day of work was December 28th 2018 and I have a few photos “Last Day Photos” posted on our Flickr page) I have the luxury of not keeping regular hours and sleeping in and staying up late and pursuing hobbies and all that fun stuff.  In December I proposed to my boss Neal Ellis at “Radio Once More” the idea of me occasionally “popping on” for an impromptu Live Show for a quick hour.  This is in addition to our regular 3 hour Live Show every other Wednesday evening from 9PM-12AM (eastern) known as “Woo-Hoo Wednesday”.

During the 1 hour impromptu Live Show, we would not have our regular segments, and open up the “Holmsey Listener Line” (609) 845-3570 for anyone that would like to chat or simply say “Hello”!!!!  Ordinarily, I would not have a planned theme, just some “Old Time Radio” programs and music ready to go to accompany the conversation.  Although, if the opportunity presents itself, I can use the hour for a specific theme or topic, as we did recently when we focused on Groucho Marx and played some Groucho songs and clips along with an episode of “You Bet Your Life”.

Additionally, this gives me the opportunity to have additional guests on Live, either by Skype, Zoom, or they can join me in the studio and chat Live and chat with our listeners on our “Holmsey Listener Line”.  The Big Boss Loved the idea of this impromptu Live Show and we decided to call it…..”Woo-Hoo Extra”!!!!!!  We’ve already done a few and it’s worked out very well.  I can pop on at any time, day or night for a quick hour.  Keep an eye on the “Radio Once More” Facebook Page, I’ll make a post before we “pop on” for another installment of “Woo-Hoo Extra” on “Radio Once More”!!!!!

I’m looking forward to chatting with you on “Radio Once More” during a future installment of….”Woo-Hoo Extra”!!!!!!!!!

##Woo-Hoo Special