Many Thanks From Helen & Johnny!!!!!

H & J - ROM

Helen and I want to thank everyone that made our “Radio Once More 24 Hour Labor Day Woo-Hoo Palooza” a tremendous success.  We were very touched by all the nice Facebook posts, messages, emails, and phone calls that we received before, during, and after the “Woo-Hoo Palooza”.

Also a big thanks to all of our guests that added to the weekend fun of our Labor Day radio marathon.  Joining us on Labor Day was our friend Rob Crawford…..aka OTR Rob, who discussed his love of “Old Time Radio” and his Old Time Radio Podcast.  We then chatted with long time member of “Radio Once More“, Gary Lowe.  Gary and I discussed classic comedians and comedy teams including, Laurel & Hardy, The Little Rascals, The Marx Brothers, The Three Stooges, Abbott and Costello, and Martin and Lewis.  We also played quite a few audio clips featuring these comedy teams to go with the interesting discussion.  Our last guest on Labor Day was the “Co-Host Emeritus” of “Radio Once More“, Ken Stockinger.  Ken has many interests including a passion for sports, especially Major League Baseball.  We chatted about Baseball, Football, and also about sports memorabilia collections including Ken’s personal sports memorabilia collection.

Sunday evening we had a delightful fun-filled “mini-simulcast” with our friend Walden Hughes from YesterdayUSA, and also joining us from “The Glowing Dial” was “Big John” Matthews.  We had a few phone calls and later on joining us was Walden’s Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday co-host, the delightful, Patricia.  We had loads of fun and lots of delightful conversation and numerous laughs!!!!  Thanks again to our dear friends from YesterdayUSA for being part of our “Woo-Hoo Palooza”.

Our first guest Sunday evening was the “Big Boss” of “Radio Once More“, Neal Ellis.  Neal and I had a wonderful discussion about the history of “Radio Once More” and about Neal’s long career in radio.  Neal explained some of the many and various duties he had over the years and how radio has changed, including the many technological improvements over the years.  We are very thankful for the wonderful time Neal shared with us and of course for giving us the chance to be part of the internet radio station “Radio Once More” and making my childhood dreams come true of being involved in the world of radio.

During this Labor Day “Woo-Hoo Palooza”, Helen and I played some music, 2 “Holmsey Stories”, 3 “Larry King Stories”, 8 “Holmsey Comedy Sketches”, and 21 episodes of “Old Time Radio“.

This was truly an amazing experience that I will never forget.  Thanks so much for all of your support and we’ll be chatting with you soon on “Radio Once More“.

#Below is the entire “Radio Once More (2019) 24 Hour Labor Day Woo-Hoo Palooza” broken down in six parts.

Woo-Hoo Extra-2019-09-01 ‘Woo-Hoo Palooza’ (Part 1)                                                                                                                                                          Woo-Hoo Extra-2019-09-02 ‘Woo-Hoo Palooza’ (Part 2)                                                                                                                                                            Woo-Hoo Extra-2019-09-02 ‘Woo-Hoo Palooza’ (Part 3)                                                                                                                                                          Woo-Hoo Extra-2019-09-02 ‘Woo-Hoo Palooza’ (Part 4)                                                                                                                                                           Woo-Hoo Extra-2019-09-02 ‘Woo-Hoo Palooza’ (Part 5)                                                                                                                                                          Woo-Hoo Extra-2019-09-02 ‘Woo-Hoo Palooza’ (Part 6)                                                        





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