Special Guest Mike Pipher “Zones” in on ‘Radio Once More’

November 4, 2020

Helen & Johnny with Mike Pipher

In September, Helen and I had another “Twilight Zone” / Rod Serling themed “Live Show” on the internet radio station, “Radio Once More”.  This time we had the honor to have as a special guest, Mike Pipher.  Mike is a historian/archivist of Rod Serling and is associated with the Rod Serling Archive & Exhibit at the Bundy Museum located in Rod Serling’s home town of  Binghamton, New York.  Mike shared many memories of Rod Serling with us including the time Mike got to meet him many years ago.  Mike also shared some wonderful memories of many of the famous personalities he became friends with over the years, including Lloyd Bridges and Earl Holliman.  Mike was kind enough to share a rare audio clip recorded by Earl Holliman back in 1987 where he discusses being in the very first “Twilight Zone” episode, “Where is Everybody?” which originally aired on CBS October 2nd 1959.  Below is a series of autographed photos Helen & I personally received from Earl Holliman in 2011.  I asked for one, and he was kind enough to send me four!!!!     

(1) Earl Holliman - The Sons of Katie Elder

The Sons of Katie Elder (1965)

(2) Earl Holliman - Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet (1956)

(3) Earl Holliman - The Twilight Zone

“The Twilight Zone” (1959)

(4) Earl Holliman

Earl Holliman

In addition to taking the time to speak with us and sharing some of his great stories, Mike also provided a rare recording of a radio show from the a series from WLW Cincinnati, “It Happens to You”.  The episode is “The Human Comedy'” (also known as “You Be the Bad Guy”).  This episode is dated October 2nd 1953 and was Written & Produced by Rod Serling. 

In 2019, Mike invited Helen & myself to the Rod Serling Archive & Exhibit at the Bundy Museum to present a mini version of our coffee shop presentation, “An Evening of Old Time Radio”.  In addition to playing some Rod Serling clips and “The Human Comedy” mentioned above during Mike’s “Rod Serling in Radio” “In the Zone” presentation, Helen and I played an episode from “The Hall of Fantasy” and a great Sci-Fi episode from the series “X Minus One”.  We were invited back to the Bundy Museum this year, however the ongoing pandemic forced those plans to be cancelled.  We are hopeful that vaccinations will be available in 2021 so that Helen & I can return to the Bundy and share some more classic “Old Time Radio” at the Bundy.  A big Thanks to Mike Pipher for taking the time to share some of his wonderful stories with us on “Radio Once More” and for inviting Helen & I to play some “Old Time Radio” at the Bundy. 

Below are a few photos from the Rod Serling Archive & Exhibit at the Bundy Museum.

Below are a few photos of when Helen & I had the honor to present “An Evening of Old Time Radio” at the Rod Serling Archive & Exhibit at the Bundy Museum.

Returning to “Radio Once More” during our “Twilight Zone” / Rod Serling themed “Live Show” was Shelley McKay Young, the administrator of the largest “Twilight Zone” Facebook page.  Shelley chatted about the “Twilight Zone” with us and we even fielded a few phone calls from some of the “Twilight Zone” fans that were listening.  Shelley was kind enough to donate a few giveaways to the listeners including a “Twilight Zone” magazine, a “Twilight Zone” comic book, and a Hallmark “Twilight Zone” ornament.  It was a wonderful visit with Shelley loaded with fun, laughs, and some great “Twilight Zone” conversation.  Thanks Shelley!!!!

Again big thanks to our special guests, Mike Pipher and Shelley McKay Young for another fun filled “Twilight Zone” & Rod Serling themed Woo-Hoo Wednesday.  We are hopeful that we’ll all be able to get together in 2021 at the Bundy and attend another “Serlingfest” as well.

Here is the entire “Twilight Zone” themed “Woo-Hoo Wednesday” that aired LIVE on the internet radio station, “Radio Once More” on September 16th 2020.