The one, the only…..Groucho!!!!

Helen and I are spending a relaxing weekend in Easton, PA.  Our reason for going to Easton……”An Afternoon with Groucho”.  This is a one man show written by Groucho’s son and incredibly performed by Frank Ferrante.  If you are a fan of the Marx Brothers or a fan of classic comedy, it is definitely worth checking out.  In this 90 minute to 2 hour show, Frank transforms himself before your very eyes from being Frank to the one…the only…..Groucho!!!!  He sings, tells jokes, dances, and jumps into the audience and ad-libs quite a bit which makes each and every show unique and different.  We really enjoyed the show and even got to speak to him after the show.  Frank is good friends with Eddie Carroll who is the current voice of  Jiminy Cricket and has his own one man show performing Jack Benny.  Hopefully we’ll be able to check out Eddie’s one man show one day.  Check out Frank’s show at:

*More Easton, PA photos can be seen here.

Helen with famed Groucho one man show performer, Frank Ferrante and his musical accompanist Jim Furmston after his "An Afternoon With Groucho" performance at the State Theatre in Easton, PA.

One Response to The one, the only…..Groucho!!!!

  1. Joanna Whelan says:

    What a wonderful tribute to your father. I had to think back to 1975 to remember where I was. I’m not sure if I was still in NJ. Our mother died on March 17, 1975. So we were dealing with those emotions at the time. Bill and I were away at school, but came in to see mother one last time and help with arrangements. Your father would be so proud that he was able to give you so many great memories of your childhood with him. Love you.

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